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27th September 2005

grandmasterchan5:00pm: Using RSS Feeds and bloglines
Hi guys.

Just a short note that if you want to stay abreast of this blog's RSS feed inside bloglines:



Click on My Feeds.

Click on Add.

You can paste the following in the livejournal user window that bloglines supports:

Click on livejournal user button.

Click on subscribe

There you have it. A quick and easy to way to add the RSS feed of this blog into Bloglines.
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25th September 2005

library_dragon5:55pm: NDLA conference
Hi Gang. Just went to the NDLA conference in Grand Forks - lots of travel for me, HA! Saw a few of us, Slimsters there and it was great - like a mini reunion. I'm still plugging away at the GFPL, work on our story time is paying off - new patrons are coming and we are getting lots of good comments. It's nice when your hard work pays off. My next challenge is to implement some teen programming. I got some ideas at conference and met some people who I can go to for advice and help. Networking really pays off! Hope everyone is doing great!

3rd August 2005

grandmasterchan10:59am: Evergreen Open ILS
Here is a link to an open ILS in development. Feel free to try it out and use it:

1st June 2005

grandmasterchan11:52am: Hi everybody!

I'm about to teach my biggest class of about 30 people on library orientation for nurses. I'm a bit nervous! I miss all of you guys. I just returned back from Michigan last week and it looks like I'll be down in September in Fargo.

23rd May 2005

peripatos1:59pm: Hello
Hello All,

I'm not a ND student - I'm a Kansas SLIM student - but I didn't see a general SLIM community. Does anyone know if one exists?

I was wondering if any of you are being affected by the discontinuation of the progress review. Does anyone know what they are going to replace it with? I was due to do my progress review this summer (and I was already prepared for it) and now I have no idea what to expect or when to expect it!
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5th May 2005

chaucerites_boo5:26pm: Cotton Brains
Everyone seems so busy. Grand Master Chan is blogging conferences and I am still getting used to having no due assignments. The job search is not yet in high gear; I think I just need to veg out for a few days before THE NEXT BIG THING.
grandmasterchan3:33pm: Greetings from the Manitoba Library Conference
Hello everybody. I have been attending the Manitoba Library Conference for the last two days.


I worked the conference as a blogger. The blog can be found here:


Basically there would be 5 information sessions for a time slot and there were 3 time slots in a day. I covered the following ones: Up Close and Personal: Understanding Learners Motivation to Attend Library Instruction Sessions, Health Information Online: How Can We Do It Better?, RSS for Beginners, Blogging for Beginners, Customer Service Excellence and Preserving and Retrieving Electronic Records. I must say, that after the first day I was quite tired but in retrospect, combined with the work of 4 other bloggers, we were able to give people a window of what it was like for all the sessions. Quite the task.

Therefore, I ask that you guys take a look at the conference's blog to see how having a blog can give everydody and equal opportunity to experience a conference.

23rd April 2005

grandmasterchan10:20pm: Greetings!
Welcome everybody! As everybody begins their seperate career paths, I hope this blog will serve as a tool for all of us to stay in touch. Feel free to post whatever new things you have going on, or even whatever thoughts enter your mind. If you have any questons about the blog, just post a reply or make a new post.

1. Sign up for an account on LiveJournal. Proceed first to http://www.livejournal.com/create.bml. After you have signed up, comeback to this page: www.livejournal.com/users/slim_nd.

2. To join the community, save this user as a friend by clicking on "Info" on the left hand sidebar. You will then be directed to the SLIM_ND userinfo page. On the icon tool bar near the top, there is a button with a +(plus sign). Click on this "+" to add as a friend. I will then approve you as a member and then you can post freely on here.

3. Feel free to reply to any posts.

4. To post: a) roll your mouse over the word "journal" on the top tool bar up above. A sub tool bar will drop down. Click on "update". b) Add whatever you want to the Entry field and the Options field. Finally, when you are ready to post, on the bottom "Post to:" tool bar, select slim_nd from your drop down menu to post to this blog.
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