grandmasterchan (grandmasterchan) wrote in slim_nd,

Greetings from the Manitoba Library Conference

Hello everybody. I have been attending the Manitoba Library Conference for the last two days.

I worked the conference as a blogger. The blog can be found here:

Basically there would be 5 information sessions for a time slot and there were 3 time slots in a day. I covered the following ones: Up Close and Personal: Understanding Learners Motivation to Attend Library Instruction Sessions, Health Information Online: How Can We Do It Better?, RSS for Beginners, Blogging for Beginners, Customer Service Excellence and Preserving and Retrieving Electronic Records. I must say, that after the first day I was quite tired but in retrospect, combined with the work of 4 other bloggers, we were able to give people a window of what it was like for all the sessions. Quite the task.

Therefore, I ask that you guys take a look at the conference's blog to see how having a blog can give everydody and equal opportunity to experience a conference.
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