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Welcome everybody! As everybody begins their seperate career paths, I hope this blog will serve as a tool for all of us to stay in touch. Feel free to post whatever new things you have going on, or even whatever thoughts enter your mind. If you have any questons about the blog, just post a reply or make a new post.

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3. Feel free to reply to any posts.

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When I was preparing for this speech, I thought about what a great honor it was and what could I say?..I tried to thing of catchy sayings like “ask not what you can do for your library, ask what your library can do for you”…It somehow had to be something just right…that fit….I thought that the metaphor of family really fit our group…
Since the fall of 2002, We have been on a journey that is at once both personal and shared. We came together as strangers from disparate lives, we leave here as a family forged by the bonds of shared struggle and sacrifice.
We each put much of our lives on hold as we moved forward towards a light we could barely see at the end of what seemed like an eternal tunnel.
Early on in our journey, the eminent Dr. Greer, the wise patriarch of SLIM, told us: “look around, these are the people that you will be networking for the rest of your life with”…We looked around at strangers wand each of us thought to ourselves: yeah right??? These people?
At one point, I could tell you the contents of each and everyone’s freezers…… Which begs the question: Is there a point where even information professionals can have too much information?
What type of family are we?.. This gregarious band of castaways thrown together by the vicisstudes of life and the love of books? We are atypical, non-stereotypical graduates who know when to lock the library door and go home and we do not Shush!!!
We are somewhat like the Brady Bunch and the Waltons if they were more like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. We are twice as many and then some, as Eight is Enough if it were a little more like a Gilligan’s Island full of bibliophiles…We span the Baby Boom generation all the way through X and into the youthful Y…We are the quintessential embodiment of the decentralized 21st century family.….and we have made it…together..
Together, with the SLIM faculty and staff, we have built a toolkit with which we have constructed the foundation that will help us visualize and shape the landscape and future of 21st century information science……Whoa!…Get Real….
Our heads are full of the valuable flotsam and jetsam of SLIM. At the mere mention of Information Transfer or paradigmatic shift, beads of excited perspiration appear on our foreheads and the pulse quickens at the thought.
We are most of all…a family that likes to eat…. Early on we decided that food would be an important part of this family. We would at times break bread together at a noon or evening meal. We became weekend regulars at places named Barbs, Zandbro’s, The Dog House and Subway. In between our fastidious foraging forays around Fargo, we would graze like contented pastoral cattle on our 21st century pasture. It was a pasture made up of the sweetest manufactured treats that modern science could concoct, as well as healthful fruit and vegetables to sate the guilt of eating the former.. Rumination of any kind, especially that which deals with libraries, requires a caloric intake that may only be matched by marathon runners and the likes of Lance Armstrong. Eating may will be the signature feature and the greatest legacy that this cohort will pass on to future generations of SLIM librarians. Other SLIM students will remark: “we’ve heard of you guys”….as if we are some isolated group of hobbits with strange customs, lifeways and rituals.
Together we traveled roughly one weekend a month through winter and summer to the hallowed halls of the Fargo Public Library and NDSU library. We leave a part of each of us in these places…some of us a little more than othters..
Web CT is a web based utility for conducting classes and discussions over the Internet. It is modern technologies answer to smoke signals…..We conducted conversations that were the Internet’s answer to everyone talking at once… The goal was to assemble the cacophony of disparate voices .to make a sensible whole…if this didn’t work, you could get up, make a sandwich and be back to try to reconstruct the conversation….
Fargo Public Library Director Charles Pace…whom many of us feared after he locked us out of the library…Introduced us to the colorful backstreet of his personality in the form of impersonations of Antonio Banderas and a comic Irish Catholic Priest. I wonder though if we will ever see Charles Pace impersonating Antonio Banderras playing a comic Irish Catholic Priest?…..maybe another day?
We are a family that sometimes likes to let its hair down…If I had some hair, I would certainly let it down
The three men in the program are short on hair and each of us secretly long to have the stereotypical librarian bun
…Bulgaria, a little country on the edge of Europe that carries the distinction as the poorest in Europe… is a little richer because of SLIM students…But as the SLIM credo goes “what happens in Bulgaria, stays in Bulgaria” I can’t help but think of Achleitner and his Americanized Austrian accent whenever I hear Bulgaria mentioned….
To this day, in tiny villages and hamlets, a legend grows and is passed down among the stout and sturdy people of the countryside. It is a tale of apocryphal librarians from America who can shelve books with one hand while slugging from a bottle of Rokia….the countries national hardcore alcohol in the other. Names are never used to protect the innocent.
Dr Greer in all his sagacity, was right, the graduates assembled in this room WILL be the people that we will network with for the rest of our lives.
It has been said that without this group and the support it has provided, some of us may not have made it through to the end. When some of our lives were filled with rain and storm, others kept pushing us forward towards the bright, sunlit day that is today
A little wiser, a little older and much richer, we move forward toward a future full of unknown expectation…. Nearly three years ago…it was hard to know what to expect out of something that seemed so far off and distant and somehow unreal…

But then…”no one expects the Spanish Inquisition” either…