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Welcome everybody! As everybody begins their seperate career paths, I hope this blog will serve as a tool for all of us to stay in touch. Feel free to post whatever new things you have going on, or even whatever thoughts enter your mind. If you have any questons about the blog, just post a reply or make a new post.

1. Sign up for an account on LiveJournal. Proceed first to After you have signed up, comeback to this page:

2. To join the community, save this user as a friend by clicking on "Info" on the left hand sidebar. You will then be directed to the SLIM_ND userinfo page. On the icon tool bar near the top, there is a button with a +(plus sign). Click on this "+" to add as a friend. I will then approve you as a member and then you can post freely on here.

3. Feel free to reply to any posts.

4. To post: a) roll your mouse over the word "journal" on the top tool bar up above. A sub tool bar will drop down. Click on "update". b) Add whatever you want to the Entry field and the Options field. Finally, when you are ready to post, on the bottom "Post to:" tool bar, select slim_nd from your drop down menu to post to this blog.
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